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Director / Neurodiversity Lead

Driving our RAWSOME® Neurodivergent Navigation Framework is an experienced professional, with more than 25 years of expertise from education, disability, and mental health sectors.

Having worked within public and private school wellbeing settings guiding whole school initiatives; for non governmental organisations tailoring effective support programs; within collective impact action groups on shaping service design; our Mental Health Practitioner has a deep understanding of the biopsychosocial complexities surrounding those with neurodivergence.

James is member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association, a growing professional network that seeks to ensure the ongoing promotion of evidence-based research, diagnosis, treatment and management of ADHD for the lifetime benefit of individuals with ADHD and their families across Australia.

He has volunteered his knowledge and time to the ADHD Foundation of Australia's national helpline, and is Chair of the Regional ADHD Alliance of South Australia.

What sets James apart is not just his professional expertise, but his personal journey. As an individual who has navigated the experiences of neurodivergence, anxiety, and marginalisation, he offers a unique and empathetic perspective to his practice.

This blend of lived experience and professional knowledge equips him to provide insightful and compassionate support to schools, families, students, and the wider community.

RAWSOME® focuses on fostering an environment where every individual feels safe, seen, heard, and cared for. We believe in empowering our younger ones to recognise and build upon their strengths, develop greater self-awareness, and acquire the skills needed for helpful emotional regulation and overall successful growth.

James is committed to creating space where neurodivergence is not just talked about but is celebrated.

08 7084 6344

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